Discover the 2023 Color Trends: Fortuna Gold

Colors | June 9, 2023
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Trends-using colorings are very important in the design and creation of modern clothing or other items. Last year was not the richest in positive emotions. But already this year, the main color assignment will be dominated by gold-shades.

Perhaps one of the best colors with gold is considered Fortuna`s Gold. This coloring is pleasing to the eye and has a warm and sunny ambiance. For many people, it is a source of tranquility and peace. Its name did not come about by accident. Fortune gold color rgb is named like the goddess of luck.

Not so long ago it was extremely often displayed on gold-jewelry or antique-objects. But it can also be used to combine with metallic or matte`s finishes. In this symbiosis, you can see profoundness crossed with drama`s in any area of design.

In the annual design documents, this color often appears as one of the most frequently used in the work of creators, shutterbugs, or fashion architects. That's why it is already one of the top 3 trend tints of the current year.

What is the color Fortuna gold

Among all the colorings with parameters, rgb gold fortune stands out. This coloring has not only gold elements but also a bright orange coloring. It is very deep and can absorb almost any color. Fortune gold rgb is similar to vintage-gold, which has brown`s, olive`s, and yellow`s hues. It doesn't look like new or restored gold. It does not have an aggressive sheen to it. However, it is in it that you can see a certain understanding of gold bullion from thousands of years ago. It was the same color as century-old coins, gold-figurines, and various special-amulets in ancient Rome.

Its fascination should come as no surprise. Our ancestors considered gold a rare metal and revered it because it always reminded them of the brilliance of the sun. It was also compared to the glitter of golden ears of wheat at the reaping. That is why this color was rightly called the coloring of life and prosperity. Today, Fortuna Gold has complex combinations and looks like a mix of sunshine and shabby gold. Its combination with other colorings can only increase the intensity of the color scheme but if you do use not bright shades, Fortuna gold from the main star on the stage turns into a small, but memorable frame. It`s a universal color, which can be applied to both neutral and bright and memorable colors.

History and Color Symbols

As you can see rgb gold color does not look like pure gold, but rather resembles the first pictures of gold bullion. It is more of an olive-brown`s or orange-hue. It is considered a more extensive coloring classification and has it`s history of origin. To the Ancient Romans, this tint signified wealth and an abundance of material possessions.

There are many examples in history of this shade being on the robes or attributes of members of the clergy or monarchy. It symbolized the color of heaven and showed monarchs belonging to God, confirming his legitimacy on the throne. For Buddhists, the color showed the aura of enlightened people. In antique Egyptian culture, gold was considered the meat of the gods, and craftspeople often used Fortuna Gold in gold frescoes and sculptures.

For several centuries, gold was also used by artists for example, Gustav`s Klimt decorated his creations with special gold-leaves. This move attracted his fans and allowed him to earn great popularity. Today, this color also signifies the assets and endeavor of people who wear items of clothing with Fortuna Gold. It can also be seen in the temples of the eastern monks and on the Trump Towers.

The use of this color allows you to give your clothes enough depth and show your authority no matter how old you are today. In hotels and clubs, a little use of this color helps to create an atmosphere of comfort and opportunity for each visitor. You just need to dispose of it correctly and you will see the effect of using this color.

What colors does it go with?

This color is considered to be quite universal. It can be used with both enthusiastic shades and neutral-colors. In the latter case, rgb for gold color will obtain a calming effect. Its amber and olive hue will bring warmness and help complete any earthy colors.

When using non-metallic`s forms, it can stay next to orange`s. In this way, they complement each other and help to reveal cold shades in a new way. It is also successfully used in framing warm earthy shades (e.g. ochre).

Taken together, its effect can be divided into the following combinations:

  • as a complementary color, it can go well with blue or azure blue shades;
  • alternatively, it can be used with orange or yellow (together they create a kind of fiery effect);
  • in triad format, it will go well with the palette of blue and red shades (often used on the emblems of companies or sports teams.

Of course, it's up to you to decide which color works best to combine with fortune gold. But the above co-operations help to show this color in the most advantageous format for your customers.

Top 5 colors from palettes using Fortuna Gold

Many designers use gold rgb color as a neutral dramatic color. In fact, this shade is a universal one. This means that it can go with any color and will be extremely effective against them. Its application will help improve the perception of unremarkable shades and make them exceptionally beautiful and noticeable.

The following popular color-palettes on products using Fortuna`s Gold stand getaway for its potential:

  • Cabinet doors. Here it is crucial to use a combination with dark green, earthy gray-brown shades;
  • Blush-Hotel. In this case, fortune gold will be perfectly combined with pink or dark green shades. Steel black can also be applied for luxury;
  • Gold Peacock. Allows you to combine fortune gold with a blue-green shade and feel the depth of this format, emphasizing the intensity of the shade;
  • mulberry-blues is considered a retro color with a dark maroon hue. But if it is properly combined with other colorings, Fortuna`s Gold looks great against it;
  • Lucky Dune. Bright sandy color has a combination of neutral and rich-red hues. In this case, fortuna`s gold emphasizes the drama of the color scheme.

Of course, you can choose the color and palette you want. But if you use Fortuna`s Gold correctly in the work of professionals, you will see how it transforms and why it should be used in the interior of your company.

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