Affiliate Program

Join the Eternity Stock Affiliate Program and earn up 10% per new customer purchase.

Start to earn!

You invite friends

Just copy your unique link and send it to your friends via email, messenger or social networks.

Friends buy plans

Your friends should use the link to go to the Eternity Stock website, register an account and buy any of the available plans. If everything goes well, you will see an updated status in your account and receive an email notification.

You get rewarded

With our referral program, you receive 10% cash rewards from selling their images for 3 years.

Is it easy to work with an affiliate program?

Yes. You'll get access to all the tools you need for free, and our API integration will give you complete freedom and control.

  1. introduction of exclusive coupon codes and special offers;
  2. special support and optimization by our partner department;
  3. implementation of effective reporting and analytics tools in real time.

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